Introduction to Pecan Trees

Pecan Trees

Pecan is a tree that is native to Texas. In fact, this tree is the official tree of the state. You can find many Pecan trees in the Texas state, and this tree can be grown in other states as well. Mostly, this tree is planted with the expectation to grow big and beautiful with the dense bearing. However, the result cannot be as expected due to plenty of reasons. The Pecan tree can grow and live without much care. But if you are considering this tree for landscaping, then you should manage it with great care and attention.
Problems in the Pecan trees are hard to notice. However, when it is noted, the grower can take measures to correct or restore its condition. If the problem cannot be rectified, the grower can find out the ways for destroying the tree.
The Pecan tree has a great ability to survive the conditions such as severe draught and other disasters. You could see many tall and old Pecan trees, which stands as the testimony of their strength and surviving capabilities.
Though Pecan trees have exceptional ability to withstand stress, they can still get killed due to a variety of reasons. Conditions such as poor soil depth, soil drainage, over cropping, freezing and tree crowding are considered as some of the factors that can kill the Pecan tree.


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